Hydrogen is the upcoming future of the world for big source of fuel

Understudies of Automobile Engineering Department of RVS School of Engineering and Technology have planned a bicycle that keeps running on hydrogen. For one liter hydrogen, the bicycle runs 148 km. 
A group of understudies – R. Balaji, Gowthem Raj, Jerry George and Kalid Ibrahim – has planned a bicycle that tended to an Earth-wide temperature boost and abnormal state air contamination. “Today, the world needs eco-accommodating option fuel to work vehicles. We have dissected the extent of hydrogen as supplementary fuel in a four-stroke bicycle,” the colleagues say.

Their Assistant Professor and undertaking guide P. Lakshmanan was instrumental in changing over their idea vigorously. With a straightforward innovation, every current vehicle can be adjusted to keep running on hydrogen. The cost of hydrogen as fuel is exceptionally shabby when contrast with different energizes. Hydrogen gas costs just Rs. 30 for each liter. 
The life of the motor is expanded manyfold as this dry gas does not desert any deposit amid burning. Most importantly, it confines tuning of the motor when contrasted with other fuel motors. 
Hydrogen that has the most noteworthy vitality content by weight and the least vitality content by volume, is the lightest component at typical temperature and weight. Hydrogen is additionally a fuel with warm substance about three times that of gas. “It is plentifully accessible. In our trial set-up, after each 1,000 km of running of motor, water should be cleaned and new refined water must be taken to a specific level and again it must be fitted into the vehicle,” says Balaji. 
It lessens outflow, guarantees low upkeep and is reasonable for oil, diesel or LPG motors. It additionally improves the normal existence of the motor, and diminishes motor commotion and vibration. We have directed two tests – explore test with an apparatus and a street test with a bike, includes Raj. 
The aggregate cost of the vehicle is simply Rs. 7,000. No alteration in motor is expected to change over it into an eco-accommodating one. 
Mixing of some other fuel isn’t required. This task has opened a road for additionally inquire about in building up another method required to run the vehicle ceaselessly without support, he includes.
I think according to these we can run bike using hydrogen that producing from the water and we must need to mineral the water of sea for the use of this process because as we all of us know that there are 70% of water on earth which is not useful ad covering so much area.
One more point that i really wanted to add over here is that a normal human drinks daily 8 liter of water and produce 1.7 liter of urine daily. So if we can use that urine as water into this hydrogen generator to generate the hydrogen and run the bike, will be the biggest achievement for us.
Countries like Dubai and Saudi Arab which is exporting the big rate of petrol and diesel have already started their plant for making this kind of reproduce able energy source but India have not started any project like this. It seems like India is always wanted to be dependent on the other country while India has good environment (summer, winter, spring and autumn ), large number of water resource covered by the sea, and different kinds of land etc.

Petrol prices around the world :

Pakistan       : 26 INR
Bangladesh  : 22 INR
Cuba            : 19 INR
Italy             : 14 INR           
Nepal           : 34 INR
Burma          : 30 INR
Afghanistan : 36 INR
Sri Lanka     : 34 INR
India            : 73 INR

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