Dell BYOD Gives All The Flexibility To The Workforce And Corporates

Dell BYOD Gives All The Flexibility To The Workforce And Corporates

With changing times, the technologies have also changed. And, it has led to a change in the way, people look at the technologies. And, this shift in focus has necessitated a need to empower the workforce. Well, with the help of Dell BYOD, the focus is shifting more towards bringing your own device policies in the corporates. Dell mobile devices give the flexibility of empowering the workforce.

People have got used to accessing internet on-demand. They like to browse their favourite apps through the light weight devices, on-the-go. Though, there are many other devices available, they are not very easy to manage, and are not quite cost-effective. The mobile solutions from Dell can give easy access to the employees, so that they can be more productive, and more satisfied. A contented and satisfied workforce can help in better serving the customers. Earlier, the businesses were concentrating on deploying manageable and secured corporate devices. Now, they are enabling the employees so that they can bring their own devices.

How does BYOD help?

  • With the help of Dell BYOD, the employees can get an easy and secured access to information, which they are seeking out. Also, this information is available to them whenever and wherever they require, and on any of the device that they choose.
  • Constant connectivity to the net can help in increasing the productivity of the workforce. And, the employees would be able to contribute to their maximum potential.
  • It reduces the expenses for the business, as they will not have to spend a lot of money on costly equipment.
  • The Dell BYOD strategy is focused on mobilizing the data and the people. It integrates the management with the devices, applications and the security measures, so that the employees get the best tools for doing the job. This provides data security and easier management.
  • It can also enable proper IT control with the help of simple management and comprehensive security measures.
  • The businesses can easily implement an IT strategy, which is cloud centric. This can improve the mobility of the employees. The businesses, which emphasized on having a local server, are shifting towards cloud processing and storage. This improves the collaboration, and increases the device independence.
  • With the help of collaboration, the users would be able to store their data and edit them on the cloud, and can access them from any of the compatible devices. The smart phone handsets come with browsers, processing power and application support, along with interfaces, which can make the users more productive.
  • The enterprises need not spend on a large number of mobile devices, which are actually not required by the end-users. The end users can bring their own personal devices to work, which can be more effective. The only thing required would be some management software and some training to the support and helpdesk staff. This eliminates the need for capital expenditure for the businesses.
  • The employees can be reimbursed for their mobile expenses. A fixed value can be provided to the employees, and the companies will also get a chance to analyse the calls and track the data usage.

These were some of the real advantages of using BYOD. Even though, there are some risks involved, the advantages of BYOD far outweigh the disadvantages. The amount of cost savings, and the improvement in mobility can easily help the Dell BYOD in becoming the norm for the corporate end-user devices.

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