Biggest betting SCAMS in INDIA by BRAH.BET website and channel in bet telegram

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A guy in telegram channel will shows the payment proof of their clients. This guy basically shows that he will help you in wining of betting. You just need to deposit 10,000 Rupees in BrahBet. Bunch of developers have made a perfect betting website which is same look likes a betting site but in real its not.

You will deposit money using Paytm or Google Pay or IMPS. Once you deposit money and message him that you already did then he will verify his PAYTM account. Then he will ask for your login to make a bet which is just a game of show you will enjoy, in real world there isn’t any live game running on which he bet. Furthermore within sometime like 30 minutes you will see a win in your betting. You are so happy to see that RIGHT ? but you are wrong. You won’t withdraw that money, when you do so an order history will show ‘On Review’ Forever. Bet telegram is very common now a days.
100% SCAM BRAH BET….Today this betting site named as BRAH BET tomorrow by reading this article they will may be change the name to another name, new logo and so on.
My suggestion to all is that to
How to Find Scammer Location easy way ??
Step 1 : They have included bank transfer option which is the vulnerable to all.
Just look and write down this IFSC code
Search this IFSC code on this website to get this result.
So now you got that Scammer is in Kolkata. In this branch of ICICI they having a bank account.
If you are local in Kolkata you can visit this branch directly to make inquiry about this account.
Now we will find the person name holding this Company named Vidya Enterprise in Kolkata.
By simply search google “Vidya Enterprice kolkata ” you will find first website with trade india which will show his name and location of the company.
All this information is just based on what they have given on their website, They may be wrong risk is yours !
I am not responsible for any of your activity !


             Join the real bet telegram group not the fraud ones

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74 Thoughts to “Biggest betting SCAMS in INDIA by BRAH.BET website and channel in bet telegram”

  1. Hello sir😭😭😭😭please help me..brah bet done scam with me.. Please help me..
    This is my email id please help me..

  2. Abhishek Sundi is fake website .. they don't have customer care ..I have win the bet but they show it lose. I have all the evidence.

  3. is a scam and few guys in telegram projecting it as No.1 betting site in India. Rate will be there only for promoters in telegram.Even we win, they will place the bet on losing case once again and will cheat. Two of my friends lost. Do avoid betting on this sites from telegram team and withdrawal will be in review only, you never encash it. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM IT. Sudheer

  4. Anonymous

    Ispe case kro mera 25000 withdrawal nhi de rha h bhosriwala brahbet

  5. Bhai pls. Help me.
    I m deposit my money.
    The can't be showing.

    Kha gya mere pese.

  6. Brah. Bet he is brah. Bet 10k and 5k lose but return me how?
    Again two and 10k and 5k but feel free not return

  7. There is a guy on telegram he only use all of our money ?
    Actually he told me that this is not at all a fake you can see all those screen .. just make an investment to get rich …

    Is that real or what ?

    If it's not then why our government not ban this application … (

  8. Anonymous

    This is our advice to you . Please do not invest a single penny into BRAH.BET !!!

  9. Anonymous

    their location is in kolkata ?

  10. So it's fake obviously why would a person will give u 1lakh for 10k instead of that he can make money for himself by investing or betting again instead of making others rich . Just use your brain

  11. I also lost 9000 rs this is scamers

  12. Hey can you help me? Please

  13. We are talking about this Bookies Robber Brilliant Telegram channel

  14. Broo how much money did you invest

  15. Anonymous

    This motherfuck scammed my 15k… And that fund was my half salary to survive , son of a bitch… That motherfucker scammed me….

  16. My 10k lose in brah bet it's scammer
    Please anyone help me my money return please

  17. This application ban in central government please…

  18. Anonymous

    At least government should get aware of this biggest scam in India.

    You all need to share this post in your whatsapp groups.

  19. Anonymous

    Guys keep share this post as much as possible in all your circle.

    There are many scammers in Telegram channel now with different of names of the channel.

    I will keep posted here in this blog.

  20. Yes this is a fake betting site
    If any body put on this forgot your money
    This is full fake site
    Please don't throw money on this

  21. Can anyone please tell me that Bookies Robber is a fake channel or real channel…


  23. Bhai isski telegram ko report kese kar sakte he . I lost my money 4k yesterday

  24. Bhai telegram per iski report kese kar sakte he pls batao koi @satish rich money ne froad kiya he mere sath bhi

  25. Anonymous

    @Satish rich money group ho ya Bookies Robber group ho, Sare group ek hi he Brah.Bet k fraud krne wale log. Jo ki kolkata se he.

    Deen ka 2-3 lacs ka scam krte he ye bhadve. Total dekhne jaay to ab tak crore se upar ka fraud kr dala he in madarchodo ne.

  26. Bro can I know the channel name in telegram

  27. Anonymous

    There are many channels running this scandals

    Some of the name are : Bookies Robber, Satish Rich Money Group etc….

  28. I lost 11k madarchodo ko carryminati chodey

  29. Anonymous

    Those who are posting that scam happens with you, then please mention your state also . Because the scammers are from Kolkata…..

  30. Ha exactly what he said correct he not a fool he making us fools

    Link in Google which you loose money by adding money in this site mainly telegram channels they will make their betting business
    Please be away from betting


  32. Anonymous

    true sir…!!!

  33. Anonymous

    thank you for sharing those url…so all the users get to know…

    do not put your money !!!

  34. Anonymous

    Stay aware adn spread this post in your facebook whatsapp groups so the people get awarness about this scam

  35. Sai

    Any one please help me that I transferred money to Vidya enterprise how can I get it back

  36. Sai

    Please anyone give Vidya enterprise contact number they cheated to me and took 5k in brah bet

  37. Anonymous

    Sorry but you need to search google "Vidya enterprise kolkata" and you will find their contact by Tradeindia website.

  38. Anonymous

    Share this post as much as you can so many of the possible future scams can be stopped. Share this link with your every whatsapp and facebook group. Thank you !!

  39. Rapid money earn its related to i was found in telegram channel is this fake r real

  40. I won the bet but on brah bet its showing that I lost but the team won in actual and they ain't giving my money help please

  41. Totally FAKE…Read the full article of this page and SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY …BEWARE FROM BRAH BET

  42. Anonymous

    That website is purely handled by them, they decide which team win which team loss, they makes entry in their website database accordingly…THIS IS FAKE WEBSITE BRAH BET …DO NOT INVEST ANYTHING !! SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

  43. Anonymous

    Brahbet are cool! I won several times and got money without any problem!

  44. Anonymous

    The brahbet team help me very quickly when I had some problems with withdrawing money. They explained to me it was my fault and we solved the problem.

  45. I am very glad I am a part of this gaming team! brahbet is the best! Good site and easy to win

  46. Really bro but lot of people tell that brahbet is a scam and cheat you only tell that this in best

  47. Anonymous

    played on different websites and platforms, but Brahbet is the best! Is simple and easy to use, won a couple of times and am pleased with it

  48. Anonymous

    I got money and bought car! impossibl! Brahbet, luv you!

  49. Aaj kal rich amit naam ka banda yehi fraud kar raha hai 1win bet ke naam par be saf guys

  50. Anonymous

    Here is the scammer…..the person who is doing the scam !

  51. Anonymous

    Lol the Pukin scammer…dont write so many comments here…i have seen the process you did …..and i made this blog which hits 10k a month.

  52. Anonymous

    The scammer you made good money by scamming people ? 3 lacs a day ? am i right ? that is what good money ?

  53. Anonymous

    Mr Scammer, do your good stuff comments out of my blogs each and every user over here knows your SINS….PUKIN BITCH

  54. Anonymous

    Done sending multiple comments here with good reviews. But the truth is you are Fuckin scammer…accept it or accept it after getting die.

  55. Anonymous

    Lol you bought a car from the money you made fraud with innocent users that are playing on your game ? Fukin Mr Scammer. you will soon gonna caught….cz im joining as PI soon.

  56. Anonymous

    Hello Users,

    Dont join this fraud game,

    I am 100% warning you that you will loose your each and every penny out of your pocket.

  57. Anonymous

    TRUE bro be aware …and spread this post to each and every friend of you !!! Comments me bhi positive review dalne aa gya vo amit lodu. niche usne comments ki hui he.

  58. Now new name money pinnacle is also on telegram & I think he is also fraud ,anyone pls tell

  59. Yes bro he fraud me i lost my 15000 money to it

  60. Anonymous

    You are right Pinnacle channel or group in telegram is also same they are making fraud…

  61. Bro I also lost around 40k last night on a telegram group bookies robber to a guy rich vishal

  62. Anonymous

    Thank you for your appreciation.

  63. Anonymous

    DO NOT INVEST ANYTHING !! SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. So they won't became the victim of this chain !!!

  64. My friend had put his money on this betting site and he lost 25k now he is in trouble if there is any way that he will get that money back than please contact him +91 74995 25761 you can call on this number and help him.

  65. Thank god. I saw you. I was about to invest in brah bet. Thank you for this information guys

  66. Anonymous

    Welcome my friend . Share this post with friends as awareness of this scam.

  67. Anonymous

    I have already mentioned the city of the scammer in this post. You can go and try for legal actions.

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