Biggest betting SCAMS in INDIA by website and channel in telegram

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A guy in telegram channel will shows the payment proof of their clients. This guy basically shows that he will help you in wining of betting. You just need to deposit 10,000 Rupees in 4RaBet. Bunch of developers have made a perfect betting website which is same look likes a betting site but in real its not. 

You will deposit money using Paytm or Google Pay or IMPS. Once you deposit money and message him that you already did then he will verify his PAYTM account. Then he will ask for your login to make a bet which is just a game of show you will enjoy, in real world there isn’t any live game running on which he bet. Furthermore within sometime like 30 minutes you will see a win in your betting. You are so happy to see that RIGHT ? but you are wrong. You won’t withdraw that money, when you do so an order history will show ‘On Review’ Forever.
100% SCAM 4RABET….Today this betting site named as 4RABET tomorrow by reading this article they will may be change the name to another name, new logo and so on.
My suggestion to all is that to 
All this information is just based on what they have given on their website, They may be wrong risk is yours !
I am not responsible for any of your activity !
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