Facebook Marketplace Fake Seller Scam Giving Samples of Products Biggest Indian Scams

First of all everyone of you knows that people have started posting their product online on facebook for marketing. But many of the Facebook marketplace fake seller is making the risk to everyone. Clothes, Shoes, Handicrafts and many more products are shared by many people from their personal or Fake account.

Whenever you are dealing with the online facebook ebay Olx or any supplier who are selling the products online must watch about their reviews, ratings and products information in deep.

Steps to check before dealing/ purchasing online product :

Step 1 : Check the full in depth information about the product, check their photos, check their specifications and most important thing check the bran logo mentioned on the product

Step 2 : Check the review or rating of the product 

Step 3 : Check the shipping methods provided by them and shipping cost

Step 4 : Must check the Seller ratings or review posted or commented by other users.

Step 5 : If you wants products in wholesale always purchase the sample first.

Fruad facebook seller fake marketplace true story
A guy on Facebook was selling clothes products online by posting the photos of products online on their pages everyday. He have already more then 500+ products on their online shop provided by facebook pages. A User/customer came to him and wanted more then 2.5 Lacs of product in wholesale from the seller. But before buying the wholesale products he asked for the sample products first.
So the customer purchased and paid 20,000 INR to the seller for the Sample clothing products But after getting the payments from the customer the seller blocked his number from whatsapp, facebook and all the group.
The fraud facebook marketplace seller made 20,000 INR rupees scam in day with the customer. This scandal is more then a 1 Lac rupees day.
Facebook market place fake buyers, facebook marketplace fake sellers

There are many websites in which the selllers are making the scams which are given below :
1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) Instagram
4) Reddit
5) Ebay
6) Amazon
7) Paytm
How to prevent being the victim of the fraud ?

My best suggestion to you all is do not purchase anything online before checking all the steps mentioned above. There are many scammers online who are ready to eat your money in a second.
Stay away from the low rated or the bad comment sellers because they will surely send the broken products or faulty products.
Types of Fraud occurring now a days :

1) Broken Product delivered to your home.
2) Specification of the product do not match the product mentioned online. Size, Brand, Color, Logo anything of the given may be changed or overtimed.
3) Fake tracking information given by seller : You are waiting for your product but the tracking information given by the seller is not real. So you are in infinity waiting time for the product you have ordered online.
4) Product not delivered. This is the most happening case in the real world and specifically in the region of INDIA the seller get the money from the product he want to order and then he do not deliver the product and disconnect the contacts to the customer so he cant find the seller again. By blocking his account or removing him from group or pages.

All the information given here is based on what we have received from our users using a Call, Text messages or Whatsap chat. We are here to solve your problems and make stand out of the online scammers all around the world.


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