The real truth behind Admob Selfclick App 2020 | People earning 100$ per day

The real truth behind Admob Selfclick App 2020 | People earning 100$ per day

The real truth behind Admob Selfclick App 2020 | People earning 100$ per day

Learn how to create your own app, create an admob account, start safe clicking on your own Admob ads without getting caught, Earn and cash out huge amount of money with the right clicking trick that works

Do you need the AdMob Safe Self clicking app? If yes, continue reading.

Many of the people asked me in personal that the earning using admob ads using self click through android apps are real, got paid, get bamnned from google ?

This is my answer to all my content reader : “DO NOT EVER USE GOOGLE ADMOB FOR SELF CLICK APP” because you will get banned by google instantly.

Google is not fool, they have a team of AI who consistently work and watch on all the activities going on your app, By advertiser who pay money for their promotions and All the monetizer in their system.

They can mainly check below things from which you will get banned if you do self click:

1) Track your IP location (Consistently same ip address or same location click will make you banned soon).

2) Cookies ( If your browser do support cookies or javascript then it’s very easy for them to catch and get banned soon)

3) Browser agent ( If you are clicking from the same browser again and again will get you banned which is not possible in the real world )

4) Device ( You are changing browser, location and turning off your cookies using incognito mode but what about your device ? if the same device is clicking again and again you will get banned )

5) CTR ( This is very important thing that you get a single click per thousand views is what Click through Ration meant about )

So conclusion from all the mentioned things above if you can be able to manage these 5 things then and only then you can be able to manage the self click and for your kind information these 5 things in not manageable in the real world now a days.

Whoever is showing the trick or showing you that he/she is making 50/100$ a day using self click method then that method will not go permanently. If you really want to test just ask them that show me a proof of your self click earning summary of last 3 years and you will get to know that he is fraud or lier.

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