Rashtriya Gramin Siksha Mission Biggest Scam on Local News Paper Now a days

rashtriya gramin siksha mission

    As seen in the local news paper of todays 24 Nov 2020 do not believe in this kind of Job Application. This are the biggest job application scam in India now a days. Previously we have already talked about Indias biggest employment fraud.

Introduction of employment scam

    Before we start talking about the kind of job vacancy posted in local news paper. we will understand it in the depth how actually this fraud system actually works. Things you need to check before applying in to any kind of job application.
1) Website given by them should must be .Gov 
    – Not the Co.in , .Net, .Org or .In this are domains which any can purchase with 300 to 500 Rs.

2) Clearly check about the Qualification and pay scale mentioned by them

    – Over here you will see for Computer Operator with 12 + Diploma qualification will get 40K INR which is not really possible in the real world. First of all 12 + Diploma is not route the actual route is 10 + Diploma. The second thing is that many computer engineers with 12 + 4 years BE Degree are unemployed.

3) Big number of vacancy 

    – Before watching at those big number of vacancy and being eager to apply for this and getting easy job just look at those big number. Have you ever seen government declaring those big numbers in media or any TV channel or any authorised online government portal. This are the biggest scam ideas for employment fraud Rashtriya Gramin Siksha Mission.
4) Look at the Fonts and Family mentioned on their website
Rashtriya Gramin Sikshan Mission

                Government authorised website never ever use this kind of Fonts and family.

5) Must check out their payment system
    – Government website generally authorised with their own payment system where this kind of fraud accept even money in the form of Paytm, Google pay, IMPS etc.

6) Look at their Domain registration 

Rashtriya Gramin Sikshan Mission

Their FAKE domain RGSM.CO.IN rashtriya gramin sikshan mission registered just registered two months ago on 27 Sep 2020.

They always owns their own fraud bank account with payment gateway account attached in which they can be able to change their Beneficiary name anytime after you made transaction.

If you have already applied to this kind of Fake/Fraud application let us know by making a comment in this post.

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Do not every apply to this kind of Fake Job application posted on any local news paper

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