Bittorent BTT price prediction chart | Talk with Technology

Bittorent BTT price prediction chart | Talk with Technology | BTT live today future

So welcome back again everyone to technology manias. we have already discussed about the Ripple price prediction in our last post. Today we’ll mention the favoured crypto currency within the market Bittorent referred to as BTT price prediction chart.

Bittorrent BTT history

If you don’t know the history of the BTT coin then let me tell you few things. Bittorrent BTT may be a token that was launched back on 2019 within the tron blockchain by bittorent foundation.
Bittorrent inc. developed the popular peer to peer file sharing software with the same name. BTT started with very low price of 0.0003$ and now the current price of BTT is around 0.9$ from last single month.
So we got our first question by reading the graph of the BTT that why it incremented a lot within this short period of time ?

Earn BTT free with bittorent speed

Answer to the question is very simple which i have already mentioned that bittorent is peer to peer file sharing software. They have started the program bittorent speed one month ago. In which you just need to download their software which is either the utorrent or the bittorrent.
When the torrent file finishes downloading your bittorrent speed client can automatically earn BTT by seeding. The longer you seed the torrents, the more BTT crypto coin token you’ll be ready to earn.
So they started giving this free token to more and more people round the globe. Using their software and their file sharing company value increased so that the price of BTT rises almost 30 to 50X within the single month.
Now we got our second question that what will happen next in future ? So the answer is very simple that the same method which applied in past on bitcoin bcak in 2009.

Bitcoin mining history

Bitcoin started in 2009 and then to secure their transaction indeed the mining process started in parallel. At that point in 2009 ready to “> you’ll be able to mine using the straightforward computer CPU usage only. What is actually happening that each one the transaction which are occurring round the globe that has got to got to be secured. To secure their transaction many algorithms are used in order to secure the transaction. To run those algorithms in limited number of system or server was not possible.
So they started by allowing all the general public to Mine and using their CPU/GPU usage transaction becoming secure. But now a days the bitcoin mining reached to the another level where you must need to have a space of FARM and very high technology GPU servers in order to earn BTC.

BTT Price Prediction

So same situation applied to BTT right now mining is so easy now a days using this software or other in the market. But when the BIG player starting involving in this penny coin then mining will go beyond normal.
And obviously the price will grow anywhere between 30 to 50X within next two months of period. According the usage of their filing system sharing software which are utorrent and bittorrent.
So that’s it for today guys keep commenting below regarding your doubts and FAQ. Thank you so much for all of yours precise time.


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