Free giveaway android app for double-click & admob users

free giveaway by technology manias

So here we are again giving a free giveaway android app to everyone who apply for the submission very fast. The process of the application to submit is very simple which is given below.

Many of you guys have requested me on our Facebook page of TechnologyManias need of an admob Auto clicker app. So here we go with all the app development requirement fulfill service for free for this month only.

You can easily get your auto clicker app for free just be with me and read the whole article till the end.

Things you need to gather before applying into free giveaway which are mentioned below:

  1. Approved admob account
  2. App package name
  3. Admob app ID
  4. Admob banner ad unit ID

If you are truly newbie and don’t know how to get those things. Never upset we are here to help you out and you will find those two parameter.

1. App package name

For app package name all you just need to do is login to your admob account simply clicking on this link. Then inside the admob account >> App section >> Create any app with the name of your desire.

and create the package name. Whatever you want or the website/domain you are having.

For e.g. com.technologymanias.mybaby .

Over here in this example my domain is  and my app name is mybaby.

You can choose any name you want !

2. Admob app ID

To get the admob app ID is very simple you are already logged into your admob account. so all you just need to do is head over to the app you have just created and Click on App setting.

The page will open with your app name, app ID and your package name mentioned clearly.

3. Admob banner ad ID

To get the admob banner ID is also a very simple task as you are already logged in to your admob account. So just move forward on the left panel of the admob account showing Ad Units .

Over there if you haven’t created any app unit ID then create the one with a Banner preference.

After the creation process completed you will see the app unit ID mentioned below the name of the ad unit.

free giveaway by technology manias

You can get your application by submitting the form click below button to get directly to the page.



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  2. […] Free giveaway android app for double-click & admob users […]

  3. […] Free giveaway android app for double-click & admob users […]

  4. […] Free giveaway android app for double-click & admob users […]

  5. […] Free giveaway android app for double-click & admob users […]

  6. […] Free giveaway android app for double-click & admob users […]

  7. […] Free giveaway android app for double-click & admob users […]

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