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Today we’ll mention the newest crypto currency within the market which goes a rocket SAFEMOON. According to the official reddit post on their account “safemoon price prediction is over million dollar market cap. It’s only existed for one month we’re making history” they said.

We have already discussed about Bittorrent BTT in the last video. Now we will talk about Safemoon.

Currently the currency is listed on the Bitmart exchange but not on the major leading platforms such like coin base or binance or wazirx.
Safemoon’s own token exchange was within the architecture phase immediately . The CEO of the safemoon Mr. Smith said that the exchange would work in a similliar way to the token. In that people will get rewarded for not selling, referred to as holding and penalised for selling.

I know you guys got lost somewhere in so let me tell you in depth. So once you hold your bitcoins with us and someone transfers Bitcoin on our platform then you’re getting to be reflected from that user a number of that bitcoin.

The team has been seeking to raise $1 Million to create the Safemoon exchange. Currently they already gained around $7,15,000 USD. They have also announced some sort of NFT support in safemoon wallet app.

Safemoon has become one among the foremost speculated cryptocurrency tokens on the online in recent weeks amid the doge coin surge. Safemoon is currently worth roughly a four millionth of dollar which is equal to 0.000005$ only.

The currency has received an excellent deal of support from fans while some cryptocurrency enthusiasts have voiced skepticism. According to what i think about this. I can see the coin has no utility. I would not claim this is often a ponzi scheme but i do see the a number of upside and a few of the downside.
Why upside because Investors keep making money as long because the new people are buying in. The 5% of transactions going to be current investors ensures this.
Why downfall because it falls apart when no new wants to buy. If no one is buying then investors are receiving 5% of nothing and no demand courses price to fall.


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safemoon price prediction

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  3. […] Safe moon price prediction top gainer crypto | Talk with technology […]

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