Unblock url in Facebook easily within 2 minutes


Many of you guys are sharing your links on all the social medias such like facebook. Many of you are facing the problem of Link blocking in facebook. So as per all of your request here i am writing an article to guide you how to unblock url in facebook easily.

We have already written our post articles on How to Search People on Facebook easily with filters and How to add Photos to Facebook in a second. I have seen many people in facebook are offering the url unblocked services. I will show you how they are unblocking your domain easily and they are getting 10$ within mins from you as a service charge.

So lets start the post of unblock url in facebook by following the below steps.

  1. I hope all of you are having an account in Facebook business manger .If you don’t have it then click on link and create your properties in it for next step.
  2. Next step is to create properties in facebook business manager with the same name as your blocked domain name. for e.g. technologymanias.com i will choose name as Technology Manias
  3. Add your website link properly inside the properties
  4. After creation of the properties in facebook business manager. You will see the support option in right hand down side. Click on it and chat with the facebook developer team.
  5. Tell them that you want to promote your content of the website to the facebook. But facebook has blocked my url while i am following all the rules of facebook content.
  6. They will file your appeal and your domain will get unblocked in just 2 minutes. VOILA !!


  1. Contacting facebook business manager again and again from same ID for different domains.
  2. Do not ever purchase any service for unlocking domain.
  3. After ending of the chat ask something another problem then domain so your appeal seems to be legit for business purpose only.


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